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I've suffered with allergy problems for years, tried everything including allery shots. Had some success but nothing has done better than this natural allergy treatment!
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21 Tips to Help You Reduce Allergies
Using medications and sprays has not given me much relief from my allergies. I tried the Electronic Acupuncture and feel MUCH better.
Acupuncture - An Alternative Health Treatment
Peter M., CA
Relieve Allergies the Natural Way
Electromagnetics, the New Needleless Acupuncture
Acupuncture and electromagnetic therapy are similar alternative treatments by
virtue of both therapies being able to rebalance Qi energy flow.

Everyone these days has heard of acupuncture and magnetic therapy. But did you know that
acupuncture and electromagnetic therapy are similar alternative treatment options? We know
acupuncture to be a technique where needles are inserted into the body at various key points. The
treatment relies on something called Qi energy (pronounced Chee) that passes through twelve
meridians or invisible energy lines within the body. Each energy line links to a specific organ system;
the belief is that any imbalance in Qi energy flow leads to a disease or ailment. The key component
of acupuncture treatment is the insertion of needles at precise locations on the meridian lines. These
extremely thin, metallic needles, when set are manually manipulated or connected to an electrical
source to provide stimulation. The stimulation is applied to the cell tissue at the treatment point
which provides a boost to the Qi energy flow. Sometimes immediate relief can be obtained from a
treatment but more commonly multiple treatment sessions are required to achieve the desired result.

If you're like me and don't like the thought of multiple needles penetrating your body, then
you will find this quite interesting.
Electromagnetic therapy, to be specific, a magnetic energy
field created by the flow of an electrical current through a coil of wire is quite similar to acupuncture
with one very advantageous difference. You see, electromagnetic therapy is applied in the same
fashion as acupuncture by targeting treatment at a point along one of the twelve meridians just as
is done with acupuncture. The major difference is that needles are not used to stimulate the cell
tissue at the treatment point.

While traditional acupuncture achieves success by stimulating cell tissue to activate the flow of Qi
energy by use of needles, electromagnetic therapy can achieve the same success
without needles.
The key to electromagnetic therapy is to cause an electrical current flow within cell tissue just as
acupuncture does. To achieve this, a moving or rotating magnetic field is applied to a treatment
point that induces an electrical current flow within an electrical path, in this case the human cells
associated to the targeted treatment point form the electrical path. This stimulates Qi energy and
acts in exactly the say way as acupuncture but without the needles.

If you have been considering acupuncture as an alternative treatment for ailments you may be
suffering with, but are reluctant because of the needle, then this alternative is for you. To my
knowledge there is only one device on the market that offers this form of alternative self treatment.
The device is called the ImmuneOnOne and is made by Immune Sentry, Ltd. You can find more
information about this device by visiting the Immune Sentry website.

Keep in mind, a moving or rotating magnetic field is required to induce the therapeutic current flow.
Static devices such as magnetic bracelets, jewelry, shoe inserts or even a static electromagnetic
field device will not produce Qi energy flow.
Electromagnetics, the New Needleless Acupuncture
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